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Louie has been a coach for 15 years. He brings insight gleaned from a winning career as a multi-sport athlete and years of assisting people of different ages disciplines and aspirations to achieve their goals.

He is armed with competitive experience as a national champion in the martial arts – experience which has provided Louie with the full spectrum of experience: victory, defeat needed to sustain the ability to compete at one’s full potential.

For Louie, the habit of winning is built on disciplined mental conditioning to develop the mindset for victory.

Louie has shared his experience in achieving goals with coaching clients from toddlers to CEO’s. He has coached lawyers, actors, designers, judges, programmers, technicians, executives and entrepreneurs to reach their personal and professional goals.

In addition to his academic work in Human Kinetics at the University of the Philippines, Louie acquired a structured approach to coaching through targeted training such as “Coaching for Excellence” a program delivered by Master Trainer Rob Schilling and Human Potential Development, a program in Gestalt psychology from the University of Kassel and the University of the Philippines. Louie’s interest and exposure also includes NLP, Spiral Dynamics, Emotional Intelligence, and Personal Develop- ment and Transformational. He is certified in the assessment of Emotional Intelligence using the Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence assessment tool.

He is also certified to facilitate “Helping Others Succeed,” a proprietary program of BlessingWhite, a globally recognized consulting firm.

In addition to Louie’s work as a coach, he has facilitated team building and emotional intelligence training for some of the leading companies and institutions of the Philippines, including Intel and Jollibee as well as pro-bono work with public health institutions.

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