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HCD UK focuses on the coaching and facilitation services required to support organizations and individuals in change. This work is supported by a robust psychometric background that includes MBTI steps I & II, FIRO-B, CPI 260 and 15FQ+. In addition, HCD UK brings a strong background in the development and application of 360-degree feedback, which is essential to organizational awareness and change.

Deena De Vries-Jones, a master practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming is an accomplished executive coach and facilitator. She brings insight grounded in a distinguished commercial career as an organizational development professional coping with organizational change on an international scope. She has experience with the management of organizational change and with learning and development programs in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Deena led an internal coaching framework for a large corporation for several years – overseeing and providing supervision and development to approximately 20 internal coaches as well as providing transitional coaching to many levels within the company – from newly appointed managers to fast-track graduates to Vice Presidents.


Deena De Vries-Jones


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