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Human Capital Development recruits, develops and aligns itself with professional practitioners in the field of training and facilitation. There are two general types of facilitators at HCD: those who have facilitated high-level learning experiences throughout their career, and those who are industry and corporate leaders who bring their career experience with them into their delivery practice.

Career facilitators and trainers at HCD have developed their craft through a number of channels including corporate learning and personal development industries. The result is a group of highly skilled practitioners who can handle diverse and/or challenging facilitation in the realm of adult experiential education. It is often this group of associates that delivers leadership interventions, executive retreats and programs that demand the facilitation of personal awareness and behavioral breakthrough.

Professionals who have added training and facilitation to their skill base bring another valuable asset – their knowledge and experience. Whether they hail from the public or private sectors, facilitators with firsthand business experience in the field can contribute a unique dimension to the learning process. These associates are often deployed when a subject matter expert is required for a particular delivery or when clients are seeking field experience.


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