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We believe that human talent is the ultimate capital – the stuff from which all great ideas and actions flow. At HCD, we help customers harness talent effectively – and strategically – through learning events and coaching.

Engagement is the key to harnessing the full potential of human capital. As such we focus on working with customers to develop ways to achieve and sustain engagement between individuals and the organization. HCD is especially adept at developing learning and coaching solutions for organizations that operate across many cultures in real time.

HCD’s Philippine team reflects the country’s right-brain positioning. Beth, Louie, Victor, Butch and Kelvin bring insight from years of executive leadership experience, depth of intellect, customer focus and as much innovative thinking as customers need – or are capable of absorbing.

Beth was a Director of R&D at Johnson & Johnson, with global and regional responsibilities. Victor was national sales and distribution Director at Colgate-Palmolive; Butch was Director of Business Development at McCormick & Co., Asia-Pacific. Louie is an executive coach and much-sought-after specialist; Kelvin brings a background in human kinetics and was an acting coach for film and television.

Corporate and invidiual clients who have benefited from engagement with HCD range from global corporates to non-profit organizations. HCD Philippines also works with individual and corporate clients to design, develop and run bespoke strategic learning and coaching solutions; technical professionals, corporate leaders, incumbent as well as future corporate and industry leaders.


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