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Coaching is known to have a high return on investment. This can only be actualized if the organization and the individual find the coach appropriate for the engagement.

As coaching is highly customized to the coaching need, the individual's and at times, the organization's, HCD continuously works to expand its network of professional coaches. This ongoing development of our coaching network allows us to meet a variety of needs presented by clients, allowing us to serve diverse industries and cultures.

Associates of Human Capital Development who have a coaching practice are consistently supported and encouraged to expand their repertoire of coaching skills and methodologies. It is our perspective that there is no singular and appropriate method to develop individuals in the process of learning and development through coaching.

To meet each individual, click on the links below:

Deena De Vries-Jones
Tamiko Kawashima
Eli Matsui
Charlotte Maure
Michelle Ong
Bob Schilling
Rob Schilling


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