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Coaching could be described as one-on-one learning. At HCD, we use a variety of approaches to coaching in order to generate the appropriate learning environment, including coaching centered on performance, development and life skills. We use our strong resources in coaching knowledge and methodology to design programs that meet the unique needs of each individual client. We challenge our clients to try new ways of thinking, speaking, listening and acting. Humor, compassion and respectful honesty are the tools we use to support the courage and energy needed to be a “beginner” again, however briefly, to observe from a different perspective.

Our coaches come from different “schools” of coaching: gestalt, integral, ontological; which means that we are often better able to match the needs and interests of our clients with the strengths and approaches of our coaches. Drawing from these different “world views” gives us flexibility of approach.

HCD coaches respect both the privacy of the learner and the needs of the organization. We make explicit agreements that clearly define the flow of information so that learners can feel comfortable to experiment and reflect while organizations can see the progress being made.

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