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HCD Japan is led by Elizabeth Matsui and Tamiko Kawashima who bring a unique and cultural perspective from their experience in the education and development of leaders within multinational and Japanese organizations in Japan and across the region.

In addition, Eli and Tamiko are recognized as pioneers of self-development and master trainers in Japan. They have trained professional and in-house facilitators in the delivery of a wide variety of talent development and business programs.

HCD Japan supports senior executive teams through a consulting process that assesses the developmental and leadership needs of their organizations. Their years of experience, bilingual fluency and multicultural sensitivity allow them to understand and support the needs of global and national organizations alike. HCD Japan provides customized solution-based programs which include organizational alignment to strategies, executive coaching, processes and programs designed to enhance the voice of leadership at all levels within the organizational system.

With more than 60 years of combined experience, HCD Japan has delivered learning solutions to Japanese domestic businesses, multinational companies and global organizations, including over 300 Fortune 500 companies. It has worked with a major firm to design and develop a three-year Asia-wide leadership program for 2,000 people and developed 12 in-house company trainers from four Asian countries. HCD Japan designed and delivered a one-year leadership development program for 2,500 managers and senior executives of a global pharmaceutical company for their operation in Japan.


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