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HCD Directors

The Board of Directors for Human Capital Development brings a mix of commercial and organizational learning excellence and reflects the diversity of the organization as a whole.

Rob Schilling is the energetic and visionary entrepreneur who founded HCD in Singapore in April of 2002. His enrolling energy and strong background in coaching and facilitation attracted a group of like-minded professionals to join forces.

Eli Matsui, a master trainer with over 25 years of facilitation experience, brings deep insight into personal transformation and the development of organizational leaders. Her experience of training organizations includes global companies like the American Management Association Japan and ARC International.

Tamiko Kawashima’s strong background in program design, client management and facilitator development has contributed to the evolution of HCD in the region. She is also grounded in the translation and transfer of global programs into Asian environments through her experience with AMA Japan and ARC International.

Bob Schilling contributes 25 years of management experience earned in the public sector. In addition, his expertise as a coach and consultant guides the direction of the organization. His management experience with Schilling & Maure, his own coaching and development organization, has made him an invaluable contributor to HCD’s formation and growth.

Deena DeVries-Jones’ insight into the client perspective on the business is derived from a long and successful career in human resources at a fast - moving consumer goods company. She also contributes a view of the world from the European perspective.

Although not active in the business, Karen Tan’s vast experience in the financial sector and functional human resources has contributed to the thinking of the organization.

HCD Partners

Associates that take a role in developing a Human Capital Development enterprise are invited to be a financial stakeholder in one or more of the HCD group companies.

HCD Associates

Human Capital Development has a variety of ways for individuals to participate and contribute to our work. Associates are full time practitioners who execute their ‘practice’ through and with HCD exclusively. Besides aiding in the process of finding avenues to deliver professional services, the company provides opportunities for coaching, guidance and professional development.

HCD Friends

HCD has partnered with companies which deliver similar services to clients throughout the region and beyond. This has led us to synergistic collaborations that create mutually beneficial contributions to one another and our respective clients. Our commitment to creating and maintaining these relationships has greatly expanded our capacity to deliver to our clientele and those served by our Friends.

HCD Alliance Partners

Over time, some of our ‘Friendships’ evolve into strategic relationships. In such instances, Human Capital Development formulates a partnership that may include clear roles and responsibilities towards client management, business development and a variety of other contributions.


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