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The Designers

Our program designers use tried-and-true principles of learning design to make sure that programs are engaging and useful. In addition, we constantly search for new technologies and methods that will make our programs even more powerful. We create custom manuals targeted to the appropriate levels of international English for those who speak English as a second language. We incorporate simulations, training games, blended learning, video segments, improvisation and a variety of other methods to create effective learning environments. Our designs can be innovative and leading edge. They can also be classic and powerful.

In increasingly challenging economic environments and under competitive time pressures, HCD designers are frequently called upon to create programs that are dense with learning and create the maximum impact from the face- to-face time clients invest in training. This often requires that we create blended programs that are combined with personal follow-up to make sure that key cognitive learning concepts are landed prior to live programs. We do this with targeted video segments, individual coaching and targeted e-learning. This means that participants can devote their attention to discussion, experimentation and social learning when they are together with colleagues.

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