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“Talent is the ultimate strategic capital.” This is the defining principle that guides Cathy’s coaching practice.

Cathy engages in open and informed conversations with corporate executives and their respective organizations to help them build intersecting strategic interests. She helps them develop the common ground where the sometimes divergent needs for personal satisfaction and contribution to corporate goals are met - and sustain the ability to deliver above-average results.

Before becoming a coach, Cathy worked with Global Sources (NASDAQ symbol: GSOL), a leading global provider of B2B solutions. There she held positions of increasing responsibility leading to executive positions in Business Analysis and Marketing (online and print) in Southeast Asia and Greater China.

Cathy would be a primary choice for coaching executive-level technical professionals and executives with responsibility for technical organizations – especially those performing mission-critical work.

Cathy was born in Columbus, Georgia, U.S.A. She attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she obtained BA (Phi Beta Kappa) and MBA (Keenan-Flagler Business School) degrees. She has BlessingWhite certification for management coaching as well as accreditation for
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step I and II and Firo-B.

Cathy is based in Singapore. She indulges in scuba diving, Sudoku and chess.

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