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Twenty years of passionate athleticism has imbued Louie with a strong sense of physical and mental discipline and instilled in him an insight into what it takes to excel as an individual performer and as a team player. He has
experienced victory and defeat in equal measure. As facilitator, this experience affords him a rich resource to draw from.

In his six years as facilitator, Louie has designed, delivered and assisted in delivering programs on Personal Development and Effectiveness, Self-Awareness, Managing Yourself and Others Through Change, Managing
Conflict, Effective Teamwork. His work spans multiple industries – FMCG, government and NGOs, financial institutions, manufacturing firms, healthcare, telecom, and six countries – the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan and Singapore.

Among clients he has facilitated are: Unilever, Coca-Cola, Intel, Reuters, Dell, Tractors, Lexis Nexis, Jollibee, the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, Consunji Construction Company, Greenwich, Nestle, Australian Embassy (Philippines).

Louie has taken courses in NLP in Singapore, taken part in theatre-style presentations of the theory of Spiral Dynamics. He has had exposure to Improv, Personal Development and Transformational and Appreciative Inquiry.
He attended a program in Emotional Intelligence in the Netherlands and has been certified in its assessment using the Six Seconds tool.

In addition to his academic work in Human Kinetics at the University of the Philippines, Louie acquired a structured approach to coaching through targeted training in Coaching for Excellence under Program Trainer Rob Schilling
and Coaching to Excellence from New Ventures West, with Julie McLaine.

Louie’s martial arts grounding includes Taekwondo, Muai Thai, Jujitsu, Arnis and Capoeira. He was a national champion in Power Lifting, an international athlete in Sport Aerobics.

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