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Gabe Mercado is a trainer, performer and consultant. He was the host of the ABS-CBN critically acclaimed News and Current Affairs Program “Noypi” which examined modern cultural norms and values. Gabe has been at the forefront of the improvisational theater scene in Manila as the Artistic Director and founder of SPIT (Silly People's Improv Theater) Manila's first improv group, which he set up in 2002 after training with the acknowledged father of improv and legendary Second City founder Paul Sills at the Wisconsin Theater Games Center.

His experience in theater became an entry point into the world of corporate training in 2001, at first designing programs that integrated the principles of improvisational theater and corporate team building for Advertising Agencies like Saatchi and Saatchi, Beginnings Communications and Ogilvy before moving on to more complex workshops with HCD Singapore that involved MBTI Personality Types and Spiral Dynamics theory. He has also worked with Citibank for their Role Playing Workshops designed to develop Influencing Skills as well as doing modules for their Train the Trainer programs. He is also a certified Apple Product Professional and is a consultant to the Apple Premium Retailer Stores in the Philippines, training their frontline personnel in their sales and presentation skills.

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